CreativeShare and Creative Tampa Bay Align, with Catalytic Results!

Creative Tampa Bay was created in 2003 amid discussions of bolstering the creative economy, at a time when such incentives required community cooperation and strategic, long-term thinking. Five years later, keeping the creative economy healthy still requires a great deal of persistent effort and initiative. That is why CreativeShare founder Bob Barancik has been chosen as one of this year’s Creative Catalysts.

Deemed as “thought-provoking” by Creative Tampa Bay, his CreativeShare website has become an increasingly notable source for educated discussions and relevant media. As a “Creative Connector,” Barancik has invited environmentalists, authors, professors, entrepreneurs, and artists into the ever-growing dialogue on how to assess the unique needs of a community, maintain cultural integrity, provoke social change, and recognize the potential for economic progress. CreativeShare is honored to be chosen by Creative Tampa Bay, and hopes to remain a catalyst in the movement for a brighter future.

View the Creative Catalysts Awards Program

Video: Nancy Kipnis introduces the Creative Catalyst awards

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