Web Goodies!

The following “web goodies” were selected to tickle your creative gray cells. The articles all focus on different facets of innovation and the creative economy. They are worth a look.

“Triumph of the Creative Class” by Joel Kotkin
Even this conservative curmudgeon can (grudgingly) see the rise of a brainy, creative, confident, and culturally liberal class to positions of national influence and power.

“It’s No Time to Forget about Innovation” by Janet Rae-Dupree
The worst times for the economy can be the best times for innovation.

PopTech! Tech Blog: “10 Commandments for the President Elect” by Michelle Riggen-Ransom (video)
Juan Enriquez, Harvard economist and debt crisis expert, dissects the global financial meltdown and offers ten essential and painful steps to rebuild the world economic marketplace.

“A Strategy For Success: Innovation Will Renew American Leadership” by Dr. Rocco Martino (PDF)
The United States needs a national strategy focused upon developing new technologies and creating new industries.

“After the Fall” by Dr. Moises Naim (editor of Foreign Policy Magazine)
The United States government must respond to the financial meltdown with more funding for innovative businesses, but must not over-regulate markets and destroy the American engine of wealth creation.

“A Brief Survey of Innovation” by Lawrence Husick
This thought-provoking list of humanity’s Top 25 innovations will stimulate one’s thinking!

“Top Theorists Examine Rippling Economic Turbulence” PBS Transcript
As the financial sector shifts, so does the reach of the jolt to economic structures around the world. Economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb and his mentor, mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, speak with Paul Solman about chain reactions and predicting the financial crisis.

“Where the Pros Are Putting Their Money”
Top financial experts explain what moves they are making in their personal portfolios during the financial crisis.

“Sub-prime Crisis Explanation” by The Long Johns (video)
An absolutely hysterical satire about the financial meltdown that is as accurate as it is funny!

“Serving Aging Baby Boomers”
According to the venerable consultants and McKinsey, Baby Boomers have rewritten society’s rules at every stage of their lives, and will rewrite retirement as well. (Free registration is required to read the full article.)

The Skoll Foundation
This is the number one website for social entrepreneurs who want to change the world for the better.

“Is Florida the Sunset State?” by Michael Grunwald
Time Magazine looks at the Sunshine State through dark glasses, but one has always had to have sunglasses to live in a poor man’s paradise.

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