Are You a "Cultural Creative"? And Why You Should Care

A majority of CTB Buzz readers will probably see a brilliant “Cultural Creative” in the mirror sometime today.

But don’t get too impressed with your uniqueness. There are an estimated 50 million of you in the U.S. and another 80 million or so in Europe.

If you are not sure if you are a CC, simply take this quick online test to see if you meet the criteria:

It is surprising that nearly one-quarter of American adults share this unique cultural affinity but find it hard to believe that others deeply share similar holdictdicistic and globally oriented outlooks and values.

According to sociologists Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson, it is like a little secret to be kept from polite company for fear of ostracism or ridicule.

Ray and Anderson were the first to identify the increasingly influential but largely invisible subculture of Cultural Creatives. They answer basic FAQs on their Web site at

Whether you are a Cultural Creative or not, it makes sense to learn more about the phenomenon that they have become.

Cultural Creatives span all the usual political, social and economic boundaries. It is quite possible that their thinking will deeply influence American life well into this century.

Here is a very thought-provoking magazine interview with Anderson and Ray. Their book is available on

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