About the Columns

The purpose of these articles is to provide creative professionals and students with practical career guidance and insights into nascent trends that will influence their livelihoods.

There are lots of links included within the copy that will lead to reader to worthwhile books, reports, and documents.

Earlier versions of most these columns appeared in the Tampa Bay Buzz e-newsletter in 2007. They appeared under “CreativeShare” by Bob Barancik.

Links are listed below to the newest versions of the columns. A quick capsule summary has been provided for easy navigation of the editorial material.

Are You a “Cultural Creative”? And Why You Should Care
Summary: Academic research has identified nearly 50 million Americans from all walks of life who have an essentially creative outlook on life. There are also an estimated 80 million Cultural Creatives in Europe. Find out more about these people.

The 11 “Commandments” of a Sustainable Creative Career
Summary: Valuable advice and musings for students in the creative domains and their parents.

Celebrating 2015: Four Suggestions for the Creative “Young & Restless” from a Boomer who Cares about You.
Summary: An unprecedented demographic transformation of the American workplace is underway. Read all about it.

The Boomers Are Coming! The Boomers Are Coming!
Summary: The Tampa Bay is a premier metro-region for baby boomers seeking an “encore” creative career. They may change the “rules” of retirement and intergenerational collaboration for the entire nation.

Did You See the Gorilla?
Summary: Useful academic research on becoming lucky.

The Banker Who Loved Hippies
Summary: The story of Michael Phillips and how he helped to create the commercial counterculture and our current creative economy.

New Media vs. The Movies
Summary: Why digital new media will transform Hollywood and our perceptions of entertainment.

Take this job and…
Summary: Understanding the roots of workplace malaise.

The F-Word & what to do about it!
Summary: Understanding and overcoming our fear of failure.

The Tale of Three Masons & the Meaning of Creative Work
Summary: Reframing our attitudes towards our daily tasks.

Encouraging Words
Summary: A few sincere compliments can change lives for the better.

Dangerous Ideas
Summary: Sometimes we must breakthrough our emotional and intellectual boundaries to see new realities.

Ohio With Palm Trees
Summary: Many baby boomers and young people from the Midwest are flocking to Florida and bringing their traditional values with them. Both the sunshine state and American politics will be changed by this migration.

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