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The CreativeShare Blog is a place to find catalytic people, ideas, and resources.

Our first creative catalysts and CreativeShare Fellows are Mark Sforzini and Nancy 3. Hoffman.

Both are accomplished musicians and valued colleagues. They embody the collaborative and generous spirit that is at the heart of the CreativeShare venture. Mark is currently working on an opera loosely based on The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Nancy 3. is engaged in performing with both her klezmer and accordion bands, and collecting umbrella covers for the one and only umbrella cover museum in the world!

Another key concern of this blog is the connection between a healthy natural environment and sustainable creative lives. Here is a link to the rustic CreativeShare Studio that is located on a tiny island off the coast of Maine.

Moving on to the subject of the global environment and climate change, here is a web link and MP3 file on the Earth Charter U.S. The interview is with Jan Roberts, president of the organization.

It is also my pleasure to introduce two young poets and performance artists — Pedro Jarquin and Jeffrey James. They created the soundtrack to the award-winning video Torn Asunder, which deals with an increasingly frayed American civil society.

Also included is a highly amusing audio performance by Pedro (voice & lyrics) and Mark Maynor (music & mix) on global warming. It is titled “Stop Light.”

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