About CreativeShare Compass

The CreativeShare Compass is for people who wish to expand and deepen their imaginative abilities and options. This includes students, mid-career professionals, and boomers who will soon be entering the “encore” stage of their lives.

The blog will include links to thought-provoking and intriguing articles, videos, interviews, and book reviews. It will also include musings and practical suggestions about various creative opportunities afforded by the new digital media and rapid societal change.

Perhaps of most importance, it will feature “big picture” pieces that deal with personal expression and creative collaboration in an era of convulsive global change. Our relationship to nature and each other is in complete flux. We are living through one of the great shifts in human civilization and psychology. It can be fun trying to connect all the new and old dots…even if one ultimately fails to get it right and ends up slightly bewildered.

Simply lifting our heads out of the sand of the daily grind and engaging the zeitgeist has real meaning and potential utility.

The why of the arts, design, and cultural pursuits is often neglected or ridiculed in our highly turbulent and narcissistic commercial society. Yet it is our extraordinary creativity that ultimately defines us as human beings.

Any forward-thinking, technologically advanced nation can provide adequate housing, food, health care, and entertainment for all its citizen—while employing the labor of only a small portion of its workforce. For the first time in human history, hundreds of millions of people have enough income, intellect, and leisure to seriously ask what their life means, and what they might contribute to the world beyond their tax payments and day jobs.

I hope that this blog will tickle, charm, and amuse—and sometimes break through our cultural cocoon and present overlooked facets of the world in a new light.

Please feel free to email me links or comments. I will curate the submissions to the best of my ability and add regular entries to stimulate your thinking and doing.

With very best wishes,
Bob Barancik

About Bob Barancik

Bob Barancik is the founder and director of the CreativeShare Web siteCreativeShare Studio, and the CreativeShare conference.

He received an M.A. from the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University, and dual degrees in fine arts and architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Bob has also completed extensive graduate studies in creative art therapies at the Medical College of Pennsylvania/Hahnemann University, and postgraduate work in organizational development at the William Alanson White Institute in New York City.

He has received awards from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Leadership Philadelphia for his creative contributions to the civic life of the community. Bob has served on the advisory boards of the Wachman Fund for International Education, the Middle East Council of Philadelphia, and Creative Tampa Bay.

Bob’s mixed-media paintings and prints have been exhibited at many major institutions. These include the Frye Museum (Seattle), Minnesota Museum of American Art, New Jersey State Museum, Rare Book and Print Room of the New York Public Library, Van Pelt Library at the University of Pennsylvania, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, and The Studio@620.

Bob’s award-winning videos featuring his artwork have been screened at the JVC Tokyo Video Festival, Berkeley Video & Film Festival, Washington DC Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles International Shorts Festival, Ignite! Festival in New York City, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Santa Cruz Film Festival, Columbus International Film & Video Festival, Philadelphia International Film Festival, Rochester International Film Festival, Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Festival International du Film Indepéndant (Brussels), Black Maria Film Festival, Canadian International Annual Film Festival, Maine International Film Festival, Maine Filmmakers Forum, Festivus Film Festival, and others.

Bob has taught or lectured at the Stern School of Business at New York University, Long Island University, the University of California Extension Program in Management, Moore College of Art, and Drexel University.

He and his wife, Amy, divide their time between their studios in St. Petersburg (Florida), Philadelphia, and Portland (Maine).